Damp Proofing Chelsea

Damp Proofing Chelsea

Damp proofing experts, London Damp Specialists have decades of experience damp proofing Chelsea and other areas of South London including Kensington and Fulham. A superior home deserves superior protection: our damp proofing is perfect for homes and apartments of all sizes and comes with a thirty year guarantee. Quality is our priority, so we provide the highest level of service from your first damp proofing survey through to completion.

Why is Damp Proofing Important?

Damp is not just a cosmetic problem. It can cause illness to residents, as well as ultimately damaging the property. Damp leads to mould and rot in the home. All kinds of mould can be harmful, but black mould is the most serious variety and is known to cause asthma, respiratory problems, infections and cause allergies to develop. Being exposed to black mould can have a lasting impact upon your health.

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How does Damp Proofing Work?

The first step in damp proofing is for us to complete one of our comprehensive free damp proofing surveys. One of our qualified surveyors will visit your property and complete a survey, creating a full damp report. This includes identifying whether you are suffering from damp or condensation (which is often mistook for damp), the source of the problem, the variety of damp and the best solution to your problem.

Effective Damp Treatment

The treatment we provide protects your wall from moisture ingress, preventing water from entering the material and therefore protecting your property from damp.

Solutions to damp often include:

  • The repair of cracks on the exterior of the property
  • Removing deteriorated plaster
  • Salt neutralising treatment
  • Tanking (applying a liquid, waterproofing coat)
  • Applying waterproof sand and cement
  • Reapplying a new layer of plaster

Damp Surveys

Chelsea Properties

We are based in Central London and have decades of experience providing high quality damp proofing to Chelsea and the surrounding areas.


We have worked with a large number of landlords over the years to increase the prices at which Chelsea homes can be leased. Damp reduces the value of a property. It affects the cosmetic appearance of a home - reducing the number of people who would want to rent the property - and in turn, this reduces the price at which you can lease it.

London Damp Specialists’ damp proofing work increases the value of the property by eradicating damp. We help you to make the most of your investments and bring the best properties to your clients.

Home Owners

If you own a home in Chelsea, damp proofing is the perfect way to increase the value of your property and increase the comfort of you home. Damp can not only be harmful to your health, and the health of your family, but it can also make areas feel uncomfortable. Damp patches, which in turn lead to mould, are unsightly and unpleasant.

London Damp Specialists offer the highest quality damp proofing to Chelsea home owners. We guarantee lasting damp proofing treatments and respect your property and space throughout the period of work.


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Damp Proofing Chelsea

For effective and long-lasting damp proofing, get in touch with the experts. We can provide you with a free and no-obligation damp survey and recommend the most effective course of action to eradicate damp in your property.

We cover a huge range of areas including Fulham, Pimlico, Knightsbridge and Mayfair.

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