Damp Proofing Kensington

Damp Proofing Kensington

Kensington damp proofing with a 30 year guarantee

Kensington is a vibrant area of Central London with a busy commercial heart, spots of beauty and London’s centre of high-class music – with both the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal College of Music. There are a lot of old and new properties in Kensington that need protection from damp and moisture ingress. London Damp Specialists have over thirty years experience damp proofing Kensington and provide leading damp treatment.

Kensington Homes

Kensington is a largely urban area, creating a huge range of different types of houses and buildings. A large number of Kensington’s houses are old, which can lead to lots of problems with damp and condensation. Older houses were built before washing machines, tumble driers and power showers, which means they aren’t designed for the 21st century lifestyle. They struggle to cope with the moisture that our lifestyles create, leading to damp and condensation - along with all the associated problems these bring, such as rot and mould.

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Kensington Properties

London Damp Specialists are also experts at damp proofing commercial or agricultural properties, with extensive experience completing large jobs. We’ve worked with Construction Ltd, Lloyds TSB, Boots and many other companies to provide damp proofing to large, commercial buildings.

Damp Proofing Kensington

London Damp Specialists are professionals, damp proofing Kensington and Central London with our 30-year guarantee. If you’re looking for a lasting solution, choose us. Get in touch for a comprehensive, free damp survey.

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Damp Proofing Kensington:

Damp Surveys

Remedial Treatments

Our range of remedial treatments is extensive and includes:

Rising Damp

Rising damp is the most common form of damp and affects properties of all ages and types. It’s most frequently found in older buildings as it results from cracks and holes developing in the brickwork. As these cracks form, they create capillaries - tiny tunnels. Moisture is drawn up from the damp ground below into the capillaries, which is then absorbed by the surrounding wall and material, forming a patch of damp.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is the other form of damp that affects homes in Kensington. It’s most frequently found in basements and cellars, as these have walls surrounded by damp earth. Rather than moisture being drawn into the brickwork from the ground below, it’s pulled into the wall from the surrounding area. As well as due to earth retaining walls, penetrating damp also occurs from broken guttering, window sills and missing roof tiles.


Condensation is a big issue that many Kensington homeowners will face. Condensation is different to damp. Rather than being caused by an external source of moisture, condensation occurs due to internal moisture. This comes from drying clothes (whether with clothes horses or tumble dryers), cooking, hot showers, boiling the kettle, and even simply breathing! Because normal behaviours and 21st century ways of living cause condensation so easily, it’s a very common problem in Kensington houses.

London Damp Specialists provide leading condensation solutions that manage moisture and condensation, no matter what your budget.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is easily the most destructive remedial problem. Largely, this is because it spreads so quickly. It can affect any form of wood including floorboards, underfloor batons and roof joists. Ultimately, when left, it can compromise the structure of a building. It’s caused when wood is exposed to moisture, whether from leaks, condensation or other.

If you spot dry rot in your home, or your woodwork appears discoloured, brittle or cracked, contact London Damp Specialists straight away to catch the problem before it causes serious damage to your property.


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