Damp Proofing Mayfair

Damp Proofing Mayfair

London Damp Specialists have been damp proofing Mayfair since 1981. It is a fantastic place to work. Set in the heart of Central London and bordering Hyde Park, Mayfair is a centre for excellent businesses. From bespoke tailors and independent boutiques through to restaurants and traditional pubs, London Damp specialists offer excellent damp proofing to Mayfair businesses and homes.

Mayfair Properties

Mayfair is home to a huge range of different kinds of properties. Houses (many of which are now being used as commercial properties) have been being developed since the 18th century and Mayfair was developed as a business centre in the 19th century, well known for its class and quality. This means that there are properties that range in age from 300 years through to new builds. London Damp Specialists are confident in damp proofing Mayfair’s extensive range of buildings and homes.

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Old homes and properties were built with very different lifestyles in mind from those we live today. Our washing machines, tumble driers, hot showers and electric kettles create a lot of moisture in our homes that, particularly older properties, aren’t build to deal with. This leads to problems with condensation. When moisture in the air meets a cold surface, such as a wall or window, it condenses, leaving moisture on the material.

Condensation can lead to problems with mould, rot and damp, affecting the health of those in your property. Get in touch with London Damp Specialists for effective solutions to combat condensation in your Mayfair property.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is the second variety of damp that affects homes, businesses and other properties in Mayfair. As walls age, damp becomes an increasing problem: tiny cracks and other damaged areas in the brickwork allow moisture to penetrate the material. Penetrating damp is caused from a source that isn’t below the wall, but above or against. This could be leaking guttering, broken windowsills or, in the case of basements and cellars, earth surrounding the walls. If you’ve spotted penetrating damp, get in touch today. Damp can be harmful to the health of occupants, reduce the value of the property, and damage furniture or other items stored in the room.

Basement Tanking

Basement tanking is a fantastic way to damp proof your basement to turn it into a usable space - whether it’s for storage, an extra bedroom or a private at-home cinema! Basement tanking allows you to increase the usable square footage of your property, increasing its market value and giving more space for you.

We have a variety of basement tanking options to suit every property and requirement. It could include a traditional damp proofing course or fitting a cavity drainage membrane. A free damp survey from London Damp Specialists will allow us to give you an accurate quote for an effective and long-lasting solution.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is the most common variety of damp and affects largely ground floor walls. The moisture is drawn up from the ground below the wall, penetrating the material and then spreading through the whole wall. If left, the damp patch increases, affecting nearby material and walls. If you suspect rising damp, don’t wait: get in touch with London Damp Specialists.

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm can affect wooden floors, beams and other timber in Mayfair homes. Woodworm is a collective term for several species of wood-boring insects whose larvae infest timber. The insects eat the wood and therefore damage the structural integrity of the material. If you’ve noticed boreholes in your property’s woodwork, then you might have woodworm. Get in touch with London Damp Specialists.

Damp Proofing Mayfair

For expert damp proofing services, choose London Damp Specialists. We offer a 30 year guarantee on our damp proofing and provide thorough, free damp surveys on any Mayfair properties.

If you’re looking for the very best, then get in touch today.

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Damp Proofing Mayfair:


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