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Damp Specialist

For more than 30 years, our family-run business has offered Slough customers high-quality damp-proofing services. Also available in central London and the neighbouring areas, we specialise in condensation solutions and timber preservation services. Repairing houses and places of worship is something we are skilled at.

If you need help with basement waterproofing in Slough, rising or penetrating damp, condensation or timber treatment in the area, please reach out to us. We offer a 30-year guarantee on our work and have extensive experience and knowledge in the industry. Our team is skilled in advanced techniques and dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with every job, no matter how complex it may be.


Innovative Damp Treatments in Slough

London Damp Specialist provides prompt and efficient damp treatment services in Slough. Our services include treating penetrating and rising damp, condensation, basement tanking, and removing woodworm. We assure minimal disturbance to your home and family, and our specialists will promptly treat the issue to prevent further damage and recurrence.

If you are experiencing damp-related problems, please reach out to us immediately for assistance. Our services are available for clients in and around London. One of our experts will contact you promptly to schedule a non-invasive, thirty-minute damp survey at your Slough property. This survey can be a small investment that may help ensure the safety and health of your family and home. So don't delay, contact us for swift and comprehensive detection of any issues.

Seasoned Damp Proofing Experts in Slough

To ensure we don't overlook any essential aspects and deliver exceptional customer service, we adopt a hands-on approach. Our team of highly competent professionals work cohesively to establish ourselves as the leading damp-proofing specialists. We have stringent hiring criteria developed in conjunction with CSSW and CSRT-certified surveyors to guarantee that our employees meet our standards, giving our clients added assurance.

Our team will examine your Slough house and provide you with a complimentary quote for a comprehensive damp survey within 48 hours. We appreciate the significance of your property and the importance of acting quickly. As a result, our professionals are committed to promptly identifying any water or wood-related concerns that may have negative ramifications for your home or family.

Following the identification of any issues, we'll expedite the process to ensure that the problem is addressed before it escalates. Rest assured, all of our projects are backed by a 30-year guarantee and a 10-year insurance warranty for extra peace of mind.

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We are confident in our ability to effectively solve challenging damp problems in central London and the surrounding areas. Our focus on excellent customer service and high-quality work is paramount. While we understand that having workers in your home can be inconvenient, we promise to respect your privacy, work efficiently, and minimise any disruption.

It's important to take action right away if you notice signs of increasing damp or similar issues on your property. Contact us immediately and we'll promptly identify, treat, and resolve the problem for you.