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For more than 30 years, our family-operated business has been providing efficient damp-proofing solutions in Kensington and its surrounding areas. Our services cover a broad spectrum, including Kensington and neighbouring regions, with solutions such as timber preservation and condensation treatments. Whether the structure in question is residential or religious, we're at your service.

We are seasoned professionals in our industry, offering a 30-year guarantee on our work. If you need help with condensation problems, rising damp issues, or timber treatment, contact our condensation specialists near Kensington. Our team boasts high-level skills, is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and employs the latest industry techniques for challenging tasks.


Considering Damp Proofing Solutions in Kensington?

If you observe any indications of rising dampness, our damp experts are equipped to offer a range of services, including basement tanking and woodworm eradication. We prioritise executing the job swiftly with minimal disturbance, ensuring the safety and well-being of your household. Our team provides rapid and effective solutions to avert additional damage and long-term recurrence.

If you're located in or around Kensington and require assistance, we're available for you. We'll promptly send an expert to perform a non-disruptive survey of your property—an essential measure in safeguarding the health and safety of your loved ones. Contact us, and we'll assist in identifying any problems and deliver expert solutions.

Why Opt for Our Services?

As top-rated condensation specialists near Kensington, we provide practical solutions and outstanding customer service. Our highly trained team guarantees that no vital details are missed. We conform to rigorous standards and employ CSSW and CSRT-certified surveyors to assure quality.

Additionally, we offer complimentary quotes and thorough home condition surveys within 48 hours post-inspection. Our goal is to promptly detect any water or timber problems that could potentially damage your home or affect the health of its inhabitants. Understanding the significance of your home, we provide a 30-year guarantee on our projects, along with a 10-year insurance warranty for added reassurance.

Why Do I Need Timber Specialists near Kensington?

If your property incorporates wooden features, it might be susceptible to a woodworm infestation. Woodworm pertains to insects that bore into wood, where their larvae dwell for lengthy periods. These insects deposit their eggs on the timber's surface, and the larvae, once hatched, feed on the wood's interior for several years. The extent of the infestation can differ, largely dependent on the property's age and the building materials utilised.

To completely eradicate wood-boring insects, it's vital to engage seasoned timber specialists near Kensington for woodworm treatment. Partial treatment will only eliminate adult insects, allowing their eggs to perpetuate the infestation cycle and cause severe damage to wooden structures.

How Do I Know When It's Dry Rot?

Recognising dry rot is essential in tackling the problem before it leads to substantial damage. Here are some indicators that could help you ascertain if dry rot is present on your property:

Distinctive Musty Smell: Dry rot frequently gives off a unique musty scent. If you detect a damp, earthy smell that lingers despite attempts to eradicate it.

Observable Fungal Growth: Be vigilant for mushroom-like growth or a cotton wool-like substance with a grey or white hue on timber surfaces.

Shrunken or Cracked Timber: Dry rot makes timber shrink, crack, and lose its structural integrity. If you see timber that looks cracked, fragile or shows signs of warping.

Darkening or Discolouration: The affected timber might show darkening or discolouration, ranging from light yellow to dark brown or even black.

Cuboidal Fractures: One peculiar characteristic of dry rot is the creation of cuboidal fractures in the timber. These cracks look like small, rectangular plates.

Fungal Spores: Dry rot releases airborne spores during its reproduction process. These spores may manifest as fine red dust or yellowish powder around the affected timber or on nearby surfaces.

If you observe any of these signs on your property, we strongly recommend that you contact our timber specialists and arrange for a professional dry rot treatment. They can carry out a comprehensive inspection, confirm the existence of dry rot, and suggest suitable treatment options to lessen its effects and prevent further harm.

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Our company is devoted to providing superior service by solving complex problems. We focus heavily on delivering high-quality work and fostering positive relationships with our clients. While we acknowledge that having workers in your home can cause disruptions, we pledge to respect your space, limit disturbances, and conduct the work quickly and proficiently.

If you perceive a requirement for damp proofing services near Kensington, please get in touch with us. We will rapidly identify the issue, suggest appropriate treatment, and guarantee an effective resolution.