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For the past thirty years, our family-owned business has been providing top-notch damp-proofing services across Richmond and surrounding areas. Our wide range of services, including timber preservation and condensation solutions, are available for all types of buildings, from homes to churches.

We are experienced professionals offering a 30-year guarantee on our work. If you are dealing with issues like condensation, rising damp or require timber treatment, our condensation experts near Richmond are ready to assist. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and use advanced industry techniques to handle complex tasks.


Thinking About Damp Proofing Solutions in Richmond?

If you observe signs of rising damp, our damp experts offer various solutions such as basement tanking and woodworm removal. We aim to complete our work quickly and with minimal disturbance, prioritising your household's safety and comfort. Our efficient team provides swift solutions to prevent further damage and recurrence in the long run.

If you are located in or around Richmond and need help, we are here for you. We will promptly send an expert to conduct a non-invasive survey of your property to protect your family's health and safety. Contact us, and we will help identify any problems and provide professional solutions.

Why Choose Us?

As top-rated condensation experts in the Richmond area, we provide practical solutions and outstanding customer service. Our highly skilled team is diligent in making sure no important aspects are missed. We follow stringent standards and have certified CSSW and CSRT surveyors to ensure top-notch quality.

Additionally, we offer free estimates and thorough home condition surveys within two days of inspection. Our goal is to promptly detect any issues related to water or timber that could potentially harm your home or its inhabitants. Recognizing the value of your home, we provide a 30-year warranty on our work and a 10-year insurance warranty for extra assurance.

Why Do I Need Timber Specialists near Richmond?

Properties with wooden components are potentially susceptible to woodworm infestations. The term 'woodworm' refers to insects that drill into wood, creating a home for their larvae for prolonged periods. These insects lay their eggs on the surface of the wood, and once hatched, the larvae feed on the inner part of the wood for several years. The intensity of the infestation can differ, largely dependent on factors like the age of the property and the type of building materials utilised.

If you aim to completely eradicate these wood-boring pests, it's essential to engage the services of seasoned timber specialists in the Richmond area. Partial treatment will only get rid of the adult insects, leaving their eggs to perpetuate the infestation cycle, which could lead to significant damage to the wooden structures.

How to Identify If It's Dry Rot?

Detecting dry rot early can be critical in preventing significant damage. Here are a few indicators that could suggest the presence of dry rot on your property:

Musty Smell: Dry rot often gives off a unique musty odour. If you detect a persistent damp, earthy smell despite attempts to freshen the area, it may be due to dry rot.

Visible Fungal Growth: Keep an eye out for growth resembling mushrooms or a cotton-wool-like substance in shades of grey or white on wood surfaces.

Cracked or Shrunken Wood: Dry rot can cause wood to shrink, crack and lose its structural integrity. If you notice wood that appears brittle, cracked or deformed, it might be due to dry rot.

Darkening or Discolouration: Wood affected by dry rot may display darkening or discolouration, ranging from a light yellow to dark brown or even black.

Cuboidal Cracking: A distinctive feature of dry rot is the formation of cuboid-shaped cracks in the wood. These cracks look like small, rectangular blocks.

Fungal Spores: Dry rot produces airborne spores as part of its life cycle. You may spot these spores as fine red dust or a yellowish powder around the affected wood or nearby surfaces.

If any of these signs are present on your property, we highly recommend contacting our timber specialists for professional dry rot treatment. They can perform a comprehensive inspection, verify the existence of dry rot, and suggest suitable treatment options to lessen its effects and prevent future damage.

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Our company is dedicated to providing excellent service by addressing complex problems. We prioritise top-notch work and foster strong relationships with our clients. We acknowledge that having workers in your home can cause inconvenience, but we assure you we will respect your privacy, limit disturbances, and execute the job efficiently and proficiently.

If you think you may require damp proofing services in or around Richmond, don't hesitate to contact us. We will swiftly identify the issue, propose an appropriate solution, and guarantee an effective resolution of the problem.