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We are a family-run business providing treatments for penetrating damp for over thirty years. Our services include timber preservation and condensation solutions, and we operate in a wide region that covers Hackney and nearby areas. We can address the issue in both residential properties and places of worship. We are right here and ready to help you!

We have extensive experience and knowledge in our industry and provide a 30-year warranty on our services. We can help you with condensation treatments in Hackney, any issues with rising damp, or timber treatment. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team is skilled, committed to customer satisfaction, and uses advanced techniques to handle even the most challenging jobs.


Looking for Reliable Penetrating Damp Treatments in Hackney?

At London Damp Specialists, we offer a range of services, such as basement tanking and woodworm removal. We place great importance on delivering these services promptly to meet your needs and minimise any disruptions to your household. Our team of professionals focuses on safe and efficient solutions to prevent further damage and long-term issues while prioritising your comfort and safety.

If you live in or near Hackney and need our help, our specialist will promptly get in touch with you to conduct a non-invasive survey for penetrating damp in your Hackney property. The survey will take around 30 minutes and is crucial to ensure the safety and health of your family. Please let us know if you need our assistance, and we'll help you identify any issues and provide professional solutions.

Why Choose Our Services?

Our approach is hands-on and thorough to ensure that we don't miss any important details and that our customers receive top-notch service. Our team of experts provide all of our services and are highly qualified CSSW and CSRT surveyors. This makes us the leading experts in condensation in Hackney. We maintain high-quality standards by setting strict requirements for our team members.

Within 48 hours of your home assessment, we can give you free quotes and a comprehensive evaluation of your home's condition. We aim to identify any water or timber-related issues that could endanger your home or harm its occupants. Our services carry a 30-year warranty, and we also provide a 10-year insurance warranty for additional protection. We realise the significance of your home to you.

Get Comprehensive Woodworm Treatments Done For Your Building

Just to make things clear, woodworm refers to insects that bore into wood and their larvae that infest it. They lay eggs on the wood's surface, and the hatched larvae can live in the wood for many years. If you require treatments for woodworm in Hackney, it's essential to choose professionals who are capable of exterminating them completely. Inadequate treatments only eliminate the adult insects, leaving behind their eggs which can go on to infest the wood further, posing a threat to wooden structures or items.

Signs of Woodworm: What to Look For

If you notice tiny holes in your floorboards and woodwork, along with a dusty residue or crumbling edges, it may be due to a woodworm infestation. Our company offers woodworm treatment solutions for all properties in Hackney, regardless of their age. One of our experienced surveyors will examine your timber and recommend the best woodworm treatment to safeguard your home or business property.

Contact Us: Condensation Experts in Hackney

Our company aims to provide excellent customer service while solving challenging problems. We value both high-quality work and establishing positive relationships with our clients. We acknowledge that having our workers in your home may cause inconvenience, but we will make an effort to respect your space, minimise disruption, and finish the job quickly and efficiently.

Please feel free to contact us if you suspect that you need assistance with penetrating damp treatments in Hackney or any of the other mentioned problems. We will rapidly identify the problem and offer treatment for its resolution.