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Many properties on the market are cheaply damp repaired and newly painted to sell, it’s not until the new homeowners move in and after a few months that the damp and condensation issues start to creep back with horrible mould and damp patches reappearing, occasionally, the extent and severity of the dampness in the property forces residents to vacate while renovations are done and the inside is revamped.

It’s also worth noting that given London’s climate, surveys such as this are vital for homeowners or property managers. During the survey, qualified damp surveyors, with extensive experience in diagnosing various damp-related problems, thoroughly examine the property. These problems can range from penetrating and rising damp to damp floors and the need for basement tanking. The survey helps in understanding the type of damp and its causes, which is crucial for determining the most effective treatment plan. Further, our damp proofing services in Central London, including areas like Kensington, Westminster, and Soho, provide tailored solutions to each unique property, ensuring a comprehensive approach to tackling damp in some of the city’s most iconic locations.


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How Does a Damp Survey Work?

The damp survey process is designed to be straightforward and non-invasive, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. When you book a survey with a London damp specialist, a skilled surveyor will visit your property for an inspection. On average, the surveyor spends about 15 to 30 minutes examining the affected areas. You will need to show the surveyor the areas where signs of damp are evident. The surveyor conducts a detailed examination, often including a free inspection of the entire property.

This comprehensive approach is crucial for accurately diagnosing the damp issues and planning effective solutions. The areas covered in the survey include basements and cellars, walls affected by rising damp, areas with penetrating damp, spaces with condensation issues, and timber structures that might pose a risk. Additionally, our damp proofing costs are transparent and depend on factors like the size of the area needing treatment and the extent of the damp, ensuring you receive a fair and tailored quote.

Why Use Our Damp Survey Service?

Opting for our damp survey service means you are choosing some of London’s most experienced and skilled damp proofing experts. Our team consists of professional surveyors who are not only adept at identifying various damp problems but also excel at clearly explaining these issues to our clients. We take pride in our customer-centric approach, ensuring that you are fully informed and comfortable throughout the survey process.

Our surveyors are experienced in explaining damp-related issues to those unfamiliar with them, ensuring you understand the problem and the proposed solutions. Moreover, our commitment to minimal disruption and efficient service makes the experience as convenient as possible for you. With our 30-year guarantee on damp proofing work and a commitment to beating any reputable company’s quotation, we offer unbeatable value and excellent workmanship, delivered with a smile.


Post-Survey Aftercare and Support

In addition to our thorough survey process, we place a strong emphasis on aftercare and client support. Following the survey, our team provides a detailed report outlining the findings and recommended solutions. We understand that dealing with damp can be stressful, so we ensure ongoing support and advice is available to help you through the treatment process. Our commitment extends beyond the survey, offering follow-up services to ensure the effectiveness of our solutions and your complete satisfaction. This level of comprehensive care and attention to detail is what sets our service apart, ensuring not just a solution to your damp problems but peace of mind for the future.

Penetrating Damp Survey

In London, the issue of penetrating damp is a common yet serious problem for many properties. As independent damp surveyors, we are dedicated to identifying and resolving this destructive issue. Penetrating damp can manifest due to a variety of reasons, such as roofing defects leading to damp spots on ceilings or issues with exterior plaster or brickwork causing dampness on walls. Our team is skilled in pinpointing the exact causes, whether they stem from broken roof tiles, leaking pipes, or flaws in exterior building materials.

Our service begins with a comprehensive damp survey, conducted by our experienced independent damp surveyors. This survey is crucial in accurately diagnosing the problem and forming the basis for our remedial strategy. Depending on the findings, our approach may include repairing external cracks, restoring aged pointing, removing deteriorated plaster, and introducing a salt neutraliser to combat the effects of water penetration.

We also employ tanking solutions, which involve applying a liquid coating that bonds to damp brickwork to form a waterproof barrier. Additionally, we apply waterproof sand and cement renders both internally and externally to ensure complete protection against damp.

We are committed to not only resolving the issue of penetrating damp but also to doing so with minimal disruption to your property. Our team works efficiently and cleanly, ensuring that your daily life is not inconvenienced. The solutions we provide are not only effective in treating damp but are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. As independent damp surveyors, our goal is to deliver long-lasting results, ensuring your property remains free from damp issues for years to come.

Rising Damp Survey

Rising damp is a significant concern in many London properties, often leading to structural damage and health risks. As independent damp surveyors, we specialise in diagnosing and treating this issue, ensuring your home is safeguarded against its harmful effects.

The presence of rising damp can be detected through various indicators, such as wallpaper peeling, damage to plaster and skirting boards, and visible tide lines on walls. These signs suggest moisture ascending through the brickwork, a condition that necessitates expert intervention. Our team of independent damp surveyors conducts thorough surveys to accurately identify the extent of rising damp and then formulates a bespoke treatment strategy.

Our treatment methodology for rising damp is comprehensive and effective. The process begins with the removal of any damp-affected plaster, halting further deterioration. We then proceed with chemical injections to restore and enhance the damp proof course.

A crucial step involves applying a salt neutraliser to the walls, addressing the salts introduced by the damp. To ensure complete moisture resistance, we implement tanking solutions, applying a liquid coating that adheres to damp brickwork and forms a waterproof barrier. The final steps include applying a waterproof sand and cement interior render and finishing with a smooth skim coat plaster for a seamless appearance.

As independent damp surveyors, our focus extends beyond mere treatment; we aim to preserve the long-term health and structural integrity of your property. Our commitment to detail, combined with a deep understanding of damp-related issues, ensures that our clients receive a service that is both thorough and tailored to their specific needs. By entrusting us with your rising damp concerns, you are choosing a partner dedicated to the highest standards of care and expertise in the field of damp surveying and treatment.


Basement Tanking Survey

Basement tanking is a crucial process for any London property with a cellar or basement, especially given the city’s propensity for damp issues. As independent damp surveyors, we specialise in transforming these underground spaces into dry, usable areas, whether for living, storage, or housing essential systems like heating or air-conditioning.

Originally, cellars were designed with an external basement tanking system to prevent damp. However, being underground, these areas are naturally prone to damp and water ingress over time. Our team of independent damp surveyors conducts thorough surveys to assess the extent of dampness and devises a customised waterproofing plan.

The basement tanking process we offer includes several key steps. We start by removing any damp or damaged plaster to halt further damage. A salt neutraliser is then applied to the walls to address the damp-related salts. The core of our treatment is the tanking system, a robust solution that involves applying a liquid coating to damp brickwork, creating a waterproof barrier. This is complemented by a waterproof sand and cement interior render and finished with a smooth skim coat plaster for a polished appearance.

As independent damp surveyors, we understand the value of a dry and functional basement. Our approach is not just about damp proofing; it’s about adding valuable, functional space to your property. We ensure that our work is carried out with minimal disruption to you, leaving you with a damp-free cellar and the assurance of our 30-year watertight guarantee.


Condensation Survey

Condensation is a widespread issue in buildings of all ages and types, creating an unsightly and unhealthy environment. As independent damp surveyors, we at London Damp Specialists are committed to addressing this problem with effective and lasting solutions.

Condensation typically becomes noticeable in the winter months when warm air inside a building comes into contact with cold exterior surfaces like walls or windows. This can lead to various problems, including mould growth and damage to the building’s structure. While temporary measures like increasing ventilation or using dehumidifiers might provide short-term relief, they often fail to tackle the root cause of the problem.

If you’re facing condensation issues on your property, our team of independent damp surveyors is here to help. We conduct thorough investigations to identify the causes of condensation and recommend effective solutions to protect your home and your family’s health. Our approach includes removing damp or damaged plaster, applying a salt neutraliser to walls, and installing advanced tanking systems and waterproof renders to ensure a dry and healthy environment.

In addition to these measures, we also offer Nuaire positive input ventilation systems, including the Nuaire Drimaster and Flatmaster, which are designed to eliminate toxic black mould and air-induced dampness. These systems provide cost-effective, whole-home ventilation and are suitable for a variety of property types, including those with or without lofts.

Choosing our services means opting for professional, quick, and minimally disruptive solutions, backed by our 30-year watertight guarantee. As independent damp surveyors, we are dedicated to ensuring your property remains free from condensation, safeguarding both its structural integrity and the health of its occupants.


Timber Treatment Survey

Timber treatment is an essential consideration for many older properties in London, where a significant portion of the structure often comprises timber. As independent damp surveyors, we understand the importance of protecting this vital material from common threats like dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm, each capable of causing varying degrees of damage.

Our team of damp experts, who are also skilled independent damp surveyors, offer professional and effective solutions for all types of timber treatment. We use market-approved methods to combat wood rot, ensuring that your property remains structurally sound and free from these destructive elements.

Woodworm refers to several species of wood-boring insects whose larvae infest timber, causing significant damage over time. If you notice signs like tiny boreholes in floorboards or woodwork, along with dusty residue or crumbling joinery, it’s time to call in the experts.

Our independent damp surveyors can inspect your timber and recommend the most effective woodworm treatment to protect your property.

Dry rot is one of the most destructive conditions affecting timber, spreading rapidly and potentially compromising a property’s structural integrity. It thrives in moist conditions and can be identified by discoloured, brittle, and cracked wood. Another type of rot is wet rot, which thrives in high moisture areas often due to building defects or damp issues. Our approach to timber and wood treatment includes removing damaged timber, treating remaining and new timber with dry rot-resistant solutions, and applying timber preservatives to prevent re-infestation.

As independent damp surveyors, we are committed to preserving the integrity of your property’s timber elements. Our treatments are carried out professionally and quickly, with minimal disruption, leaving you with a home free from rot and the assurance of our 30-year watertight guarantee.


By using the most advanced technology available London Damp Specialists can find hidden underlying issues that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Nearly every old property has some sort of damp, and if there is damp we will find it.

  • Cost for a walls inspection £199 + VAT
  • Cost for a walls and timber survey £299 + VAT
  • The cost of the survey is deducted from the total cost of the service if any damp treatment is performed by London Damp Specialists.
  • Our reports are usually ready within 24hrs

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  • Cost for a walls inspection £199 + VAT
  • Cost for a walls and timber survey £299 + VAT
  • The cost of the survey is deducted from the total cost of the service if any damp
  • Treatment is performed by London Damp Specialists.
  • Our reports are usually ready within 24hrs