Homebuyers Damp Report

If you need assistance with purchase talks, we here at London Damp Specialists could give you a damp and timber report.

Getting a thorough damp survey from a professional that specifically only deals with damp not only pays for itself, but it can save you thousands of pounds.

Many properties on the market are cheaply damp repaired and newly painted to sell, it’s not until the new homeowners move in and after a few months that the damp and condensation issues start to creep back with horrible mould and damp patches reappearing, occasionally, the extent and severity of the dampness in the property forces residents to vacate while renovations are done and the inside is revamped.

By using the most advanced technology available London Damp Specialists can find hidden underlying issues that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Nearly every old property has some sort of damp, and if there is damp we will find it.

  • Cost for a walls inspection £199 + VAT
  • Cost for a walls and timber survey £299 + VAT
  • The cost of the survey is deducted from the total cost of the service if any damp treatment is performed by London Damp Specialists.
  • Our reports are usually ready within 24hrs
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Tools We use:

Protimeter Probe Moisture Meter
Telescopic Video Inspection Camera
Thermal imaging camera
Colour Inspection Borescope
Hammer Electrode

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