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London Damp Specialist is recognised as one of the leading damp proofing companies in London. We are family run business offering damp proof and timber treatment expertise. London Damp Specialist offer a full range of remedial home damp treatment options.

30 Year Damp Proofing Warranty

About Damp Proofing London

London Damp Specialists provides a professional and comprehensive range of damp treatment options in London and throughout the inner M25 area.

The geology of these areas, like much of southern England, is made up of clay both at the surface level and deeper down. This feature can result in shift and movement in buildings of all ages which in turn can lead to damage. Cracks can appear, allowing water to enter the brickwork or building material.

Reliable Damp Solutions

London Damp Specialist has solutions to all damp problems, as well as remedial treatments including the eradication of rising and penetrating damp, the replacement of damaged timbers, drying out and remedying damp basements, along with many more. If you have any concerns about such issues in your property, give us a call on 0800 0148 023 for advice or to arrange a home visit at a time to suit you.


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Basement Tanking

Basements and cellars provide valuable square footage in any property. Whatever its use, a basement needs to stay dry to remain usable.

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Rising Damp

Rising Damp is a common but often misdiagnosed problem. It can cause great harm to your home or property as well as posing a health risk.

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Penetrating Damp

LDS can treat any penetrating damp you may have, or suspect you may have, including dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm.

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Condensation is a very common problem in properties of all sizes, ages and conditions, usually occurring in winter months.

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Timber Treatment

Most properties are constructed using a large amount of timber. It pays to safeguard against any seriously harmful wood decayers & destroyers.

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Our Clients

At London Damp Specialists we highly value our customers' endorsements. Here is a handful of the clients we've worked with to date.

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