Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp surveys in London to assist in the removal of this destructive issue in the dwelling

Penetrating Damp Treatment

Penetrating damp is one of the most destructive and invasive problems you can encounter in your property. There are different reasons for penetrating damp depending on where it’s located. Roof problems can cause damp spots to appear on your ceiling. This includes broken or missing roof tiles, or even burst or leaking pipes in the attic of your property. If you are seeing damp on your walls, this is most likely due to defects in the exterior plaster or brickwork such as the pointing or even an improperly sealed window.

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How to Treat Penetrating Damp

Our experts here at London Damp Specialists will help you identify the issue with a damp survey and then recommend a remedial course of action. a typical approach may include:

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  • Repairing exterior cracks.
  • Repair pointing showing signs of ageing and deterioration.
  • Remove any deteriorated plaster.
  • Introduce a salt neutraliser to walls to dissolve salts present from water penetration.
  • Install tanking, a liquid coating that bonds to damp brickwork and forms a waterproof barrier.
  • Apply a waterproof sand and cement interior render.
  • Add a smooth skim coat plaster.
  • Waterproof sand and cement exterior render.


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