St James's Church

Services: Woodworm, Penetrating Damp, Rising Damp and Condensation

This beautiful church was starting to show its age and was in need of some LDS care. Our survey showed evidence of woodworm in the structural timbers as well as penetrating damp and condensation throughout. Not altogether surprising for a building of this age but in need of repair before the damage increased and parts of the building deteriorated beyond repair.

Constantly being mindful of the age and heritage of the church, LDS carefully treated all timbers with signs of woodworm infestation. The condensation had formed as a result of the penetrating and rising damp so we carried out repairs to the failed exterior render. The interior plaster was removed and treated with waterproof plaster, stopping any future water damage and allowing the church to remain a stunning focal point of the community.

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St James Church condensation repair