Condensation Control

11 Apr 2019

Condensation Control in Homes and Buildings

Condensation is, to some degree, found in all properties and buildings inhabited by people. This is completely normal: we all breathe out water vapour, create it when cooking, bathing and doing the laundry. This moisture, when combined with the temperature of the air and the surface temperature of the windows, will result in condensation. But how effectively it is processed is key to the health of your family and home. Find out more about condensation solutions. On average, a family of four will produce around 50 litres of moisture per week. This has to go somewhere! Before the days of double and triple-glazing, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and general draught proofing, it could escape naturally through those draughty outlets. Damp air out, fresh air in. But now that we do all we can to keep heat in, which is great for our energy usage and bills, we are retaining that moisture, which can lead to problems with condensation. Not only is condensation unsightly and a reminder of cold and damp, over time it can lead to bigger problems: aside from health issues, the moisture will be absorbed by fabrics, plaster and woodwork, leading to that telltale damp smell, black mould around windows and mould on walls and skirting boards. Once the walls and timbers start to absorb moisture, you can really have an issue on your hands. It can lead to problems with dry and wet rot, as well as the need for woodworm treatment.

Condensation Control Actions

So how to counteract condensation? At London Damp Specialists, we recommend various methods of eradication. This includes sealing off the affected area and running a dehumidifier, although this is only effective in one area at a time. A source of fresh, circulating air is the ideal solution to combat condensation but bear in mind that the highest risk areas are kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, ensuites and utility rooms; you may find it too cold to have extractor fans whirring and to keep windows open, especially in the cold, damp winter months. An alternative solution is to install a condensation ventilation system. These are highly effective at controlling the problem. They come in a variety of models and sizes for your property and levels of moisture in the air and work by removing the vapour-filled air and replacing it with modified air. They are cheap, highly effective and easy to run out of sight. At LDS we prefer the Nuaire positive input ventilation systems: they are the market-leader in home condensation control and bring fast, proven results. If you are concerned about condensation or damp in your home or property, call LDS today on 0800 0148 023 for advice or to arrange a home visit at a time to suit you. We can advise you on all manner of condensation treatment, including the Nuaire system.  Alternatively, book a survey online and one of our surveyors will be in touch with you to discuss your problems within 24 hours.

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