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Condensation Solutions

Condensation is a very common problem in structures of every kind, regardless of age; it results in an unappealing, unpleasant, and harmful atmosphere; so it is critical to take care of any suspected condensation as soon as possible. A swift specialist investigation from the experts at London Damp Specialists can immediately assess and determine condensation and provide you with potent moisture solutions.

Condensation Problems

Condensation is usually seen around wintertime when the warm air inside a building interacts with cold exterior surfaces such as walls or windows.

London Condensation Solutions

How to Manage Condensation

There are solutions for dealing with condensation. While increasing ventilation, keeping doors shut in spaces with high moisture, and introducing a movable household dehumidifier could mitigate the effects of condensation, they fail to address the issue and provide a permanent condensation solution, and they may still allow further damage to your home or family’s health.

What to do if you have condensation

If you suspect condensation in your property, do call London Damp Specialists today on 020 8528 3864. We will identify the cause and offer condensation solutions to safeguard your home and family’s health against this all-too-common problem. All our work will be carried out professionally and quickly, and with minimum disruption and maximum effect, leaving you with a damp-free property and peace of mind with our 30-year watertight guarantee.

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Condensation Solution Products

These Nuaire positive input ventilation systems will get rid of all toxic black mould and air induced dampness in your property. The Nuaire Drimaster is one of the most popular of these products and provides effective condensation solutions for a range of property types. Call us for more information and to find out which unit would be most suitable for you.

Nuaire Drimaster

Nuaire Drimaster

The Nuaire Drimaster is ideal for two and three story homes with lofts, offering low-cost ventilation to the whole property with the option of additional heating.

Nuaire Drimaster 365

Nuaire Drimaster 365

The Nuaire Drimaster 365 brings cost-effective whole home ventilation with intelligent heat recovery all year round - the cold air entering your property is efficiently turned into warmer air. This unique, low energy ventilation system to keep your property condensation free and at the optimum temperature, 365 days a year.

Nuaire Flatmaster

Nuaire Flatmaster

For the complete removal of condensation dampness as well as allergens and pollutants from the home. This low-energy ventilation system offers a low-cost, whole home ventilation with optional additional heating, ideal for homes without lofts.


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