Case Studies

Since our inception in 1981, we have seen our fair share of projects involving damp proofing in London. That said, to give you a better idea of how we operate and the standards to which we hold ourselves, here is a brief overview of some of our larger, more well-known commercial projects in London.

But, before that, we just want to let you know that we work on all kinds of projects, no matter the size of the property in question. We can scale the size of our workforce to match the size of the property and the needs of the project.

St James Church condensation repair

St. James's Church

This gorgeous church had seen better days and was in need of a bit of TLC. A survey we conducted revealed signs of woodworm in the structural timbers as well as condensation and penetrating damp all over the building. Given the structure's age, we took care when treating the timbers for woodworm infestations. We tackled the condensation that formed due to the rising and penetrating damp and treated it by repairing exterior renderings. Then, we removed the interior plastering so we could apply fresh waterproof plaster, to prevent future damage.

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Saatchi Gallery rising damp repair

The Saatchi Gallery

The renowned Saatchi Gallery is well-known for displaying cutting edge art. To ensure that the works of art are maintained in their best condition, it was imperative that LDS quickly identify the cause of a problem before offering an effective solution. As it turned out, this particular problem involved rising damp. After carefully assessing the entire building, all cases of rising damp were located, and the tainted plastering was removed. We then substituted waterproof plaster and gave this part of the gallery a pristine finishing look.

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rosewood-hotel-london Basement Tanking

The Rosewood Hotel London

The Rosewood Hotel, one of the more renowned luxury hotels in Central London, contacted us for an issue in the basement area. After we conducted a survey, we found evidence of dampness; thus requiring basement tanking to get it back into good condition. We completely removed the damaged plaster and applied a specific waterproof render to ensure that the basement was adequately tanked before re-plastering. Additionally, water damage had compromised parts of the floor so we put in an entirely new waterproof screed floor throughout the affected area.

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Timber Treatment palace-theatre

Palace Theatre

Since it opened its doors in 1891, the Palace Theatre has been a London hotspot for beloved musicals. However, after a careful survey, we found signs of wood damage due to an infestation of woodworm. We quickly removed any damaged wood and treated the remaining wood with a preservative to prevent it from happening again. Additionally, timbers were replaced where necessary for maximum safety and security within the venue.

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canadian-embassy Basement Tanking

The Canadian High Commission

The Canadian High Commission, which has been in residence in Canada House in Trafalgar Square since 1923, underwent refurbishment in 1997–98. However, our recent survey found a damp basement and resulting wet rot affecting the underground space. The basement cavity membrane was replaced, waterproof render and skim were applied, and a new waterproof floor was screeded. The wet rot that developed as a result of the damp basement meant we had to replace rotten timbers and treat those that remained.

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British Museum penetrating damp repair

The British Museum

Home to some of the world’s most treasured artefacts since the mid-1800s, the British Museum is a magnificent architectural feat. Such an important curator of world history needs to remain dry and waterproof to avoid damage to the many collections. Once we arrived on scene, we immediately found evidence of both penetrating damp and rising damp. Our plan was to first remove and replace the affected plaster on the interior walls, and then repair exterior cracks to prevent any future water ingress.

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While these are some of our larger and more well-known commercial jobs, we also work on homes and smaller commercial properties. We can scale our workforce to your exact requirements, no matter what your property is like. We offer our no-nonsense, 30 year warranty on every London damp proofing job, big or small.